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A woman has been forced to defend her relationship with her plus-size partner as trolls say he’s “punching”.

Sienna Keera, from Australia, moved to the UK to be with her now-fiance George Keywood, who previously appeared on BBC sitcom People Just Do Nothing, after meeting on Instagram.

Sienna regularly shares videos of their one-year-old baby boy, Oliver, and flaunts her relationship on TikTok, despite the mum regularly being called a “gold digger,” and George constantly being told that he’s “punching”.

Recalling how they met, she said: “We talked on Instagram for like six months and then we basically got together.

“I moved to the UK from Australia, that’s the short version anyways.”

In one of their recent Q&A videos, a follower asked the pair: “Was he plus sized before or after you started dating?” before adding “No hate love your vids.”

In response, George said: “She’s always liked the fatties way long before I came into her sights. Just to clear things up, she’s always liked fat boys.

“Unlucky for all you skinny boys you’ve got no chance.”

Sienna is quick to agree, adding: “I like them chunky.”

The pair have been flooded with support from fans, as one person wrote: “I love you two. Quickly becoming my fav couple!”, whilst another person said: “Absolutely beautiful couple.”

Someone else commented: “I don’t see what the obsession is over the fact that he’s a big man and you’re gorgeous. Who cares what y’all look like. You love each other and seem to have a happy, healthy family. Geez people. Love is more than just looks.”