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Aaron Rodgers spoke on camera on the the Kentucky Derby, but said nothing about the Packers

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers declined to speak to NBC on Saturday. Obviously, Mike Tirico would have asked Rodgers about the ongoing situation with the Packers. But that didn’t stop Rodgers

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A trait of the rare few whose bodies naturally control HIV: ‘Trained’ immune cells

Immunity often calls to mind the adaptive immune response, made up of antibodies and T cells that learn to fight specific pathogens after infection or vaccination. But the immune system

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German business groups file complaint over Apple privacy settings

Germany’s media, internet and advertising industries on Monday filed an antitrust complaint against Apple Inc (AAPL.O), alleging that new iPhone privacy settings represent a market abuse and a violation of

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Twitter opens up Spaces to anyone with 600+ followers

Twitter is making major plays at turning its microblogging platform into a legitimate content creation tool. Updates to Spaces gives larger accounts the ability to monetize their audio content and

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Hairdresser mortified after asking blind customer if cut ‘looks short enough’

A hairdresser says they were left feeling “mortified” by an interaction with a client – but other people told them not to beat themselves up over the “common” error. The

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